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Localized Sauna Therapy

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Exclusive Lipo Oils are applied to promote fat break down and with the FIR (Far Infrared Therapy), triglycerides (fat cells) stored in the body and are converted into fatty acids. These fatty acids are then transported via the bloodstream to be used throughout the body as energy. The energy required for the body to sweat as a means of cooling down during a Far Infrared Therapy session comes directly from the use of these fatty acids.

HOW IT WORKS?  The use of the Far Infrared sauna encourages detoxification of dirt, oils, and various toxins from the body which can hinder circulation. It promotes microcirculation, allowing hormones that control fat storage to reach the fat cells. A Far Infrared Therapy session helps to eliminate retention of liquids that prevent proper fat management by the body.


  • Assists with weight loss as it burns calories during and after treatment

  • Improved circulation and reduction of swelling

  • Immediate comfort and lightness

  • Relief of numbness or pain (neuropathy)

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

  • Enhancement of skin tone

  • Slimming and firming of the entire body

  • Reduction of cellulite



Positive results will be shown after the first treatment. Great additive to your body sculpting treatments. 

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